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We're launching a crowdfunding campaign soon to raise finishing funds and we'd love you to join us on Indiegogo for a sneak preview and to see our new trailer. Click here and we'll see you there!
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In 1964 journalist Larry Kane asked Brian Epstein how long it  would all last. Brian replied,  'Larry, the children of the 21st  century will be listening to the Beatles.'


“Here, There and Everywhere” is a celebration of the fans who made Brian’s vision come true. From family and friends to fans who have never set foot in Liverpool, everyone in this feature length documentary has a tale to tell about how The Beatles touched their lives. 

Feature Documentary Coming Soon!
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“Here There And Everywhere” is supported by The Cavern Club, The Casbah Coffee Club, The Fest For Beatles Fans, The British Beatles Fan Club, Abbey Road On The River, The Bootleg Beatles, The Hard Days Night Hotel and a world of fans.

"Here, There & Everywhere" is a feature length documentary created by and for fans of all ages, celebrating over half a century of Beatles fandom in all its glory.


A kaleidoscope of stories and performances from musicians, authors, artists, experts, collectors and friends and family of The Beatles. From fans who were there at the very start to teenagers who are discovering them anew in the 21st century, "Here, There & Everywhere" is the ultimate fan family album.

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