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A love letter to The Beatles

from their fans 

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The Portfolio Print Set

Especially for the Indiegogo fundraising campaign we have created a serially numbered portfolio print set, strictly limited to however many are pledged for during this campaign. Your name and address will be printed on the portfolio, designed to resemble the Beatles 1967 Xmas record envelope on high quality board, safely mailed to you in a separate cover.​ Includes a never-before-seen image of "Blackbird" by Mal Evans from his 1968 diary, previously unpublished Yellow Submarine photos of John, Paul, George & Ringo and Andrew Edwards's concept drawing for The Beatles waterfront statues in Liverpool, also never published before, and more! (see below)

Inside the Portfolio will be ten 9”x12” prints on 350 gsm art board of images donated by artists and collectors who are featured in the film.

'Coming Apart' by Tom Murray (Artist's Proof)

In the early summer of 1968, The Beatles took a break from recording the White Album to spend a day shooting new publicity images around London, in what became known as the ‘Mad Day Out’.

Tom, who was 25 at the time, is now a famous award-winning photographer whose work has appeared in many leading magazines. He says the shoot “was the perfect assignment and a day to remember”.

This C-Type photographic print is the one of a kind artist's proof (20" x 24" from a subsequent edition of 185), signed by Tom. 

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Concept drawing by Andrew Edwards

This is the preliminary concept sketch by Andrew Edwards, who created the famous statues of The Beatles on Liverpool's waterfront. Andrew has individually signed a limited edition of 100 prints, 18"x 13.5" inches with card mount. This is the first time the sketch has been published since Andrew drew it.

AndrewEdwardsConceptBeatlesWF + passe partout.jpg
Liverpool Beatles Waterfront Statues composite.jpg

Original maquette by Andrew Edwards

For our campaign, Andrew he has donated the original maquette he produced prior to working on the full size sculptures. The plan was to include Brian with the four lads, as in this maquette, but later the idea was shelved in favour of just John, Paul, George and Ringo. (Bronze resin, 18" on wooden plinth).

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'Wired' by James Wilkinson

A beautiful limited edition print by renowned V-Festival artist James Wilkinson (this one is number 2 of 6). The print, titled 'Wired', is glass framed with an authenticated mic cable used during the recording of ‘Imagine’ at John & Yoko’s home studio in Tittenhurst Park, 1971. Comes with full documentation from the artist. (32.5" x 25.5" x 2")

See more about the artist and his work with the cables in this short video

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The Beatles handwritten quotations from 1964

The Beatles were asked to do a lot of things while in the United States because of their short time there during their summer tours, and they were even asked to write quotations instantaneously. This is a sheet with handwritten quotations by all four members of The Beatles which was used for excerpts either for an interview, news, or magazine publication.

Ringo - It was in the film that we saw two heroes 

George - That's the trouble with good old Harry - isn't it! 

John - Thorg hilly grove and burly Ive Deaf Ted Danuta and me! 

Paul - New York policemen are studying a dart gun


This piece is from the collection of Tom Fontaine, who has given us permission to make a limited edition of 75 numbered prints to offer to our backers. Each one is a facsimile of the original with folds and tears in place and mounted on high quality art board.

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The Beatles 1967 Xmas record given by Paul to Mal Evans

In 1967 Paul McCartney gave Mal Evans, roadie and personal assistant to The Beatles, five copies of their Christmas single, featuring Mal himself goofing with the four lads. Mal's son, Gary, who is in our film, has donated one of the records to our campaign. In original unopened mailer with no address or postage marks. A copy in this pristine condition is extremely rare and no collectors we've spoken to have seen one before. The provenance only adds to this items uniqueness and it comes with a letter of authentication written and signed by Gary Evans.

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